Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of frequently asked questions. If your question and answer are not listed below, then please get in touch and we’ll reply to you promptly.

  • How Much Does It Cost To List A Venue On PokerNZ?

    It’s currently completely free to list your venue in the poker listings directory at

    The maybe something we change in the future, but we’ve never charged to list venues since 2013 when we first launched our initial version of the site.

    We want PokerNZ to be the first port of call when looking for local or national poker games.

  • What Happens When My Listing Expires?

    Currently listings have a 365 day life span on the site. At the end of this time your venue will still remain active – however we may periodically check with venues that their game is still running.

    If a venue is reported that it no longer runs a game we will verify with the venue itself before removing it from the database.

  • Why Are There No Games Near Me?

    Whilst we do try to make the effort of finding and logging games around the country, a lot of the venues have to be published either by the local players OR the venue hosts themselves.

    If you know of a local game, but it’s not on the site then either submit the venue yourself or ask your venue host / organiser to submit the venue here.

    The more people are aware of the games, the more players can turn up and the bigger your prize pot can be (this is especially true in the smaller towns).

  • I Have A Question About A Game, Who Do I Contact?

    The first person you should look to contact is the venue that hosts the game, the contact number should be on the venue listing.

    Alternatively at the bottom of each listing is a contact form to contact the person who listed the venue.

    Please note that if we’ve listed the venue (PokerNZ) then contact us might not be the best course of action as we don’t actively run any public games ourselves.

  • Who Can Submit A Venue?

    Any one can submit a venue to this site.

    Whilst it’s preferable that the venue / game organiser does it due to the contact form sending email to them, a games player can also submit the venue and include the venue or the organisers contact number.

    They can then make notes in the games description that contact should be made primarily through the contact phone number.

    You can always send us the details of a venue and we will list it for you.

    Take a look at an existing venue to get an idea of the details we need.

  • My Poker League Isn't Listed, What Can I Do?

    We’ve made the effort to list known poker leagues in NZ when selecting the league your game is part of.

    If however you find that the particular league your game is part of is not listed, then contact us via the contact page and we can add this to the site for you.

    In the mean time you can submit your venue under the ‘No Affiliated League’ option and we will update your listing for you once the league has been added.