How To Play No Limit Texas Hold’em

How To Play No Limit Texas Hold’em

Each player is dealt two hole cards. There are then three rounds of community cards (total of five). These are dealt face up, for every player to use, with betting after each round. Players make the best 5-card hand using any combination of the five community cards and two hole cards.

Each new hand begins with a small blind, a big blind, and a round of betting, This round of betting is to decide which players will get to see the first set of community cards. The small blind is the player immediately to the left of the dealer, the big blind follows the small blind. At the end of each round the dealer moves around the table in a clockwise motion, this way every body gets to be the dealer, and every one has to pay a blind.

Once the first round of betting is complete, the dealer then puts the top card of the deck face down (called the burn card) then puts out the following three community cards, or “the flop”. There is then a round of betting.

Once all the bets have been matched, the dealer then puts the next top card face down (another burn card) and then the next card face up, this is the fourth community card or “the turn”. There is a round of betting.

Once all these bets have been matched, the dealer then puts out another burn card, followed by the fifth community card or “the river”. There is a final round of betting.  After the last round of betting, the pot is awarded to the best hand.

It is possible to win a hand without getting to “the river” if at any time if players fold their hand the player that is left will win the pot.

In No Limit, a player can bet any amount from the minimum bet (the big blind) to the maximum number of chips they have in front of them. In a tournament the blinds gradually go up at set intervals, whilst in a cash game they typically stay the same throughout the entire game.

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